5 archery resolutions for the new year and the products that can help you succeed

It’s time to put 2015 in the record book and focus on 2016.

Do you have any archery resolutions for the New Year?

Here are five we thought of, and the products that can help make you achieve the goals.

Resolution: “I will perfect my time management on the shooting line.”

In most archery tournaments, the time you have to release an end of arrows – usually three, five or six arrows – is limited. It’s up to you to develop a pace that allows you to take the required number of shots, while maintaining your form and composure for each.

Sometimes, things go wrong. Maybe you just can’t get comfortable at full draw and you have to let down your bowstring. At this point, time management could become critical.

The KSL Gold Game Trainer is an electronic device that allows you to practice under timed conditions. It uses the lights, beeps and buzzers featured in many tournaments to track your time on the line.

KSL Gold Game

Resolution: “I will perfect my hand position on my bow.”

Improper hand position on the bow is one of the leading causes of errant shots. A bow grip looks like something you should grab like a pistol. But if you do that, you’re sure to encounter problems with torquing the bow.

Proper hand position calls for a loose grip; the bow sits more on the meaty part of your thumb; and your knuckles slant away from the shelf at roughly a 45-degree angle.

Position your hand properly on the bow grip for every shot, and you will greatly increase your ability to achieve consistent accuracy.

The Neet True Shot Coach Adjustable Training Aid forces your hand into the proper position on the bow grip. Practicing with it will help you develop a feel for that correct positioning.

True Shot Coach

Resolution: “I will learn to shoot a back tension release.”

It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s top compound bow archers use back tension releases. They are generally considered to deliver the most consistent, surprise releases.

If you don’t know for sure when the release is going to go off, then you can’t flinch in anticipation. All you can do is continue with your shot process until the release is activated.

Carter Enterprises has produced the Evolution Tension Release Instructional DVD with John Dudley to help you learn proper shot execution with a back tension release. The DVD focuses on the Carter Evolution release, which you can certainly use, but many of the principles apply to other back tension releases, as well.

Carter DVD

Resolution: “I will work to perfect my arrow release.”

The release is arguably the most critical part of the shot process. Consistently doing it the right way is key to hitting that bull’s-eye every time.

The more you practice your release, the more it will become automatic. But maybe you can’t get to a range to shoot arrows as often as you should.

For recurve archers, the Astra Archery Shot trainer allows you to practice drawing and releasing, using your own bow, but you don’t have to actually release any arrows. You can practice anywhere, at any time.

Astra Shot Trainer

For compound archers who use a mechanical release, the Saunders Firing-Line is a device that allows you to practice your release without using your bow or any arrows. Again, you can practice anywhere, at any time.

Saunders Firing Line

Resolution: “I will learn to fletch my own arrows.”

Shoot your bow and arrows more than a few times, and you’re going to have arrows lose fletchings. The more you shoot, the more this is going to happen.

Constantly taking time to deliver fletch-less arrows to the local pro shop or a buddy for repairs is a real drag.

Learn to do your own fletching, and you can fix arrows in minutes in your own house. It also allows you to play with different fletchings to see if one type might work better than another, and to customize your arrows with any color or style of fletchings that you choose.

The Bitzenburger Fletching Jig is favored by archers all over the world, because it’s sturdy and easy to use. It comes with complete instructions to get you going.


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