Archery Podcasts You’ve Got to Check Out

Lancaster Archery Supply earlier this year launched a podcast with the goal of exploring any and all topics pertaining to archery in all of its forms – traditional, bowhunting, target, 3-D, recreational, etc.

If it relates in any way to the use of a bow and arrow, we want to talk about it.

But a podcast dedicated to archery is hardly unbroken ground. There are many podcasts covering a broad range of territory from tournament archery to traditional bowhunting to shooting form. And we love them.

Here’s a list of our favorite archery podcasts – in no particular order – and what we love about them.

1. Lancaster Archery Podcast with P.J. Reilly

Hey, we’re allowed to be biased and start with our own podcast here. @Lancasterarchery already has sat down with some of the biggest names in archery, including Levi Morgan, Jesse Broadwater, George “GRIV” Ryals IV, Dan and Emily McCarthy and Mackenzie Brown. The plan moving forward is to talk to archers, manufacturers, engineers, coaches, sales reps and anyone else we think might have something interesting to say about their involvement in our favorite sport.

2. Nock On with John Dudley

@NockOnTV is one of our favorite archers. He’s an avid bowhunter with a solid background in competitive archery. He coaches all over the world, and is always eager to share his views, techniques, training information, etc. with his podcast listeners.


3. Bowjunky with Greg Poole

This podcast has been around the target archery industry for a long time. @4biggp knows the players and he knows the games – all of them. We always learn something new from each Bowjunky podcast.


4. Easton Target Archery with George Tekmitchov and Steve “Big Cat” Anderson

No question, the best thing about this podcast is the co-hosts. One of the best compound target archers in the U.S. @steveanderson88, and Easton product manager and senior engineer – as well as an archery announcer at the last seven Olympics – George Tekmitchov. Their Q&A exchanges with listeners are unrivaled.

5. The Push: A Traditional Archery Podcast with Matt Zirnsak and Tim Nebel

“Traditional archery” and “podcast” might seem like strange bedfellows, but these co-hosts @thepusharchery and @tnebel make it work. It turns out you can use an ultra-modern medium to discuss the ways and means of        archery’s simplest side – the stick and string.

the push2

6. Petersen’s Bowhunting Radio with Christian Berg

In the podcast, the editor of Petersen’s Bowhunting magazine @cbergbowhunt explores the tactics and equipment of modern bowhunting, and he talks to the most accomplished bowhunters of our generation.

7. Tradgeeks with Matt Kephart and Kevin Merrow

A unique approach to discussing all things traditional. Two guys @MattKephart and @Kevin_Merrow who use today’s equipment, music, dialogue, etc. to bring traditional archery to the modern generation.

8. Archery Maniacs with Zach Herold

You might hear about bowhunting for elk, an interview with a well-known tournament pro about a specific aspect of their game, details about quality camping gear for DIY bowhunts or details on the latest and greatest equipment from a particular company. Nothing is off the table for @ZachHerold1 Archery Maniacs.

9. Gritty Bowmen with Brian Call and Aron Snyder

We know podcasts are supposed to be about the audio, but @grittybowmen and @aron_snyder this podcast is a video too, so you can see them talking with their guests. And sometimes, they are out on location in the mountains – maybe with an animal Call or Snyder just shot. It’s a cool twist to a great podcast that focuses mainly on bowhunting and proper archery shooting form.


10. Traditional Bowhunting and Wildernesswith Jason Samkowiak

Some podcast hosts sound like polished and rehearsed speaking professionals. And then there are people like Jason (tbwpodcast: YouTube). He knows his subjects and his delivery is clean and clear, but he sounds like a guy who’s talking to you at the bar about traditional archery, bowhunting, the importance of public land and lots of related topics. His podcast is always a great listen.

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