Dick Tone will lead weekend archery seminar at LAS

Dick Tone has been shooting bows since he was 5 years old in 1951. He’s won local, state, provincial and world championships, and he has coached others to those titles, plus Olympic medals. He also has helped develop countless archery products that either are still in production today, or served as the foundation upon which current products were built.


Dick Tone, right, with 1988 Olympic gold medalist Jay Barrs.

From May 20-22, Tone will share his lifelong successes and winning ways at Lancaster Archery Academy. Don’t miss your chance to learn from one of archery’s legends.

You’ll get to meet Tone Friday night, then listen to his instruction and shoot under his direction Saturday and Sunday.

Tone will walk archers through the physics of an archery shot to give a better understanding of what happens to the body, the bow and the arrow. Once you understand that, Tone says, you’ll be on the road to perfect form.

This is a hands-on seminar, so bring your equipment. Tone will cover both compound and Olympic recurve shot processes, so both types of archers can gain from his instruction.

Mixed in with the instruction, Tone will share his decades of archery experience to provide a better understanding of how the sport came to be where it is today.

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