Experience the 2017 Lancaster Archery Classic through our video playlists

The 2017 Lancaster Archery Classic was a huge success.

Nearly 1,100 archers from all over the world came to the massive Spooky Nook Sports Complex outside Lancaster, Pa., and spent three days from Jan. 27-29 putting on one of the finest displays of indoor archery skills seen anywhere.

Jesse and Jacob

The Lancaster Archery Supply team broadcast every minute of the action live on YouTube, World Archery TV and on the LAS website.

That action also was recorded so that it could be viewed forever, and we’ve organized it into two playlists to help you find your favorite moments.

Here is a playlist of the finals competition videos broken down into all 15 Classic divisions. And click here for a hyperlink to those videos, as well.

And here’s a playlist of all the competition, which includes the Saturday morning elimination matches and videos showing each of the three qualification lines on Friday. And click here for a hyperlink to those videos, as well.


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