Jack Wallace II: 3D archery accessories you can’t leave at home

The 3D archery course can be an unforgiving place. Besides the course and other competitors, you’ve got to contend with wind, rain, heat, cold, etc. You’ve got to shoot through all of it. Lightning is basically the only natural element that will put a tournament on hold.

If you have an equipment issue out on the course, there might not be time to run all the way back to the registration area for help, which could be unavailable anyway. You’re going to have to deal with it.

Essentially, 3D archers need to think like Boy Scouts when they hit the tournament trail. They’ve got to be prepared. And they do that with the many accessories they carry.


Pro archer Jack Wallace II has been accessorizing on the 3D course for two decades. And when he prepares what he needs to take to a tournament, he thinks about the wise words of that old guy named Murphy: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Here are Wallace’s takes on 3D accessories, infused with some of his memories of times when accessorizing played a role on the tournament trail.

LAS: How many years have you been competing as a pro at 3D tournaments?

JW: I have competed professionally since 1995.

LAS: What are some of your 3D highlight titles?

JW: 2 IBO World Titles, 2 IBO National Championship Triple Crowns, 3 IBO Shooter of the Year Awards, 3-time IBO National Team Champion, ASA World Classic Champion, 2003 ASA Shooter of the Year, 4 current IBO World Records

LAS: Besides your bow and arrows, what are some accessories you always carry during competitions?

JW: On the course I carry an extra scope lens, extra loop rope, an extra rest blade, extra sight light batteries, an extra sight light, an extra release, varied peep sight apertures for different conditions, a bow pod stand and my binoculars.

In the spring time shooting outside or in very dusty conditions, a scope cover and a lens pen or lens cleaner can help keep a crystal clear image for your scope and not a dirty, dust ball.

I have seen 3D shooters who run the LP Pro Light pack need batteries on the course, and not have any extras when their light starts to run out of power.

When I travel, I will have a small compact portable bow press, fletching jig and accessories, extra string and cables, extra stabilizers and weights, a portable target, a bow square, sight level, extra sight tapes, pliers and a needle nose.

A lighter has helped save us all when a serving has come loose or a loop or peep tie needed re-burned.

Basically anything I need to completely fix or rebuild a bow and arrows at a tournament in case it needs to be worked on. I believe in Murphy’s Law, so I bring as much as I can haul!

(Here’s a link to Wallace’s Pro Picks equipment list that he maintains with Lancaster Archery Supply.)


LAS: What do you use to hold your arrows and equipment?

JW: I don’t carry a quiver. Everything is in a shooting stool that I carry that holds arrow tubes and an umbrella, has a seat and cooler and can hold all my extra equipment and tools.



LAS: What tools do you always have in your stool?

JW: I carry Allen wrenches, steel pan scrubbers to clean target residue from carbon arrows, glue and a Leatherman for the most part.

There was a time when my bubble popped out of my scope housing. I could’ve really used super glue to glue it back in but I had none with me. I had to shoot the rest of that IBO World Championship with no bubble in the scope. Fortunately, I got lucky enough to win anyway.

Most archers run a quick detach system for their stabilizers. It is usually attached with a very large-headed bolt that is not on many Allen key sets. I have had mine come loose and needed one of those extra-large wrenches. I had one with me that time, but I have seen others not have one when they needed it.

LAS: If you had to give up all but one accessory on a 3D shoot, which one would you keep and why?

JW: I would keep a set of Allen wrenches from 3/16-inch down to .050-inch. They would fit most any accessory on my bow or release. If I ever need a tool it’s usually an Allen wrench.

LAS: What are some things you carry to deal with rain?

JW: I carry a plastic cover that is contoured to fit my bow that keeps it nearly completely covered in between shots. I also carry an umbrella, light rain jacket and a scope cover.

Besides protection from rain, umbrellas also are frequently used on the 3D course as sun shields. The rules allow one archer to hold up some device for an archer on the shooting line to block a harsh glare.


LAS: What are some things you carry to deal with heat?

JW: Lots of water and a Frogg Togg Towel.

LAS: What do you carry to deal with cold weather?

JW: I wear layers. Usually a long sleeve loose fit shirt, my shooter shirt and a vest to keep my range of motion free. I wear a knit hat over my ball cap and keep hand warmers close by.

LAS: Do you carry anything for good luck?

JW: My girlfriend – Mathews Pro Shooter Sharon Carpenter. She’ll be at every tournament with me!


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