Lancaster Archery Supply at Georgia ASA event

Lancaster Archery Supply’s video team was at the Archery Shooters Association’s New Breed/Leupold Pro/Am in Appling, Ga., in late April.


We talked to pro archers to get some tips and insights that might help you with your 3D game. Learn about judging tough targets from Darrin Christenberry; about David Houser’s killer bow setup that helped him set a world record; how Cara Kelly deals with changing light on the 3D course; and what drew world-renowned spot archer Jesse Broadwater into the 3D game this year.

We also talked to some manufacturers to learn more about killer products that are lighting up the 3D world. There’s a hot new stool 3D archers are raving about; some upgrades to a popular hinge release; and a repair kit that will allow you to bring your 3D targets back to life.

You can find all of these videos – and more- on the LAS YouTube channelĀ here.

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