Lancaster Archery Supply Hosting Indoor National Championships Feb. 27-29

Lancaster Archery Supply is one of 13 sites across the country hosting USA Archery’s 2016 National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships.

Hundreds of archers – mostly from the Northeast – will converge on Lancaster Archery’s professional, indoor shooting facilities at 2195-A Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA, Friday through Sunday, Feb. 27-29, to compete in the two events.



The National Indoor Championships is open to kids and adults of all ages, while the JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) tournament is open only to archers age 20 and under who are part of a certified JOAD program. Lancaster Archery Supply is home to the Lancaster JOAD program.

This is the first year Lancaster Archery Supply is hosting the two national championships.

Archers shooting at Lancaster Archery this weekend will be competing against archers shooting simultaneously at venues in Ohio and California, plus archers who already logged scores the previous two weekends, and others scheduled to shoot at a total of five locations over the next two weekends.

Each archer in both tournaments must shoot two rounds of 60 arrows each over the course of the three days. A perfect score is a 600.

Archers will compete in a variety of divisions based upon their age and equipment. Both recurve and compound bows will be shot in the tournament.

National champions in each division will be those with the highest scores.

Although the thousands of archers participating in the two national indoor championships will be spread across the country, they can follow everyone’s scores through the Rcherz scoring system. Rcherz hosts an electronic scoring system for archery, and the organization’s website will have live results of the two championships throughout the tournaments.


“We are honored that the Lancaster Archery Academy was asked to be one of the 2016 hosting venues for the National Indoor Championships,” said Lancaster Archery Supply President Robert Kaufhold. “Our staff has worked hard to develop this facility into a national venue and that work has been realized with this opportunity to host a USA Archery event.”

Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc. offers the world’s largest online and in-store selection of 3D, target, bowhunting and traditional archery equipment. The company actively supports tournament archers across the U.S. and hosts the annual Lancaster Archery Classic, an international competition that draws over 1,000 competitive archers to Pennsylvania each year. The Lancaster, Pa., based Pro Shop is also home to the Lancaster Archery Academy ‑ a year-round training facility for beginner, intermediate and competition archers.

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