Lancaster Archery Supply is exclusive U.S. distributor for Spider Vanes, other key Olympic archery companies

When Brady Ellison releases his arrows on the field of Sambodromo in Rio this summer, they will be guided by Spider Vanes. Same goes for his teammate, Zach Garrett.


Ellison, USA’s top male archer and one of the most recognizable archers in the world, helped design these new-to-market vanes, which come in varieties for both recurve and compound archers.

Lancaster Archery Supply is proud to announce that it is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Spider Vanes.


Every Spider Vane that is shipped to the U.S. from the company’s home base in Slovenia, will come through Lancaster Archery Supply.

Spider Archery is one of several manufacturers whose archery products will be seen in Rio, and which are available in the U.S. exclusively through Lancaster Archery Supply – a world leader in supplying Olympic archery equipment.

As part of its deep commitment to Olympic recurve archery, Lancaster Archery Supply also is the exclusive distributor for TopHat target points, Shibuya, Beiter, Win & Win, Uukha, XSWings, EliVanes  and Fivics – all of which are sure to have a presence at the Summer Games.

Krossen, an arm of Fivics that provides an economical line of products for archers just getting into Olympic recurve, is another brand that is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Lancaster Archery.

“It’s a privilege for Lancaster Archery to provide the very best target archery equipment to archery dealers and target archers here in the U.S. and around the world, including those who will compete in Rio this summer,” said LAS president and founder Rob Kaufhold. “We are excited to join the world in watching archery at the Olympics as we further our commitment to the sport of archery in the future.”

Now in its 34th year in business, Lancaster Archery Supply serves the archery community through its wholesale and retail websites, 420-page catalog and its Pro Shop in Lancaster, Pa.

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