Lancaster Archery Supply’s Dan Schuller Makes U.S. Olympic Shadow Team

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Dan Schuller’s 2016 Olympic dream continues.


During a successful, Labor Day weekend of competition in College Station, Texas, Schuller, 26, of Lancaster, Pa., shot his way into the elite group of 16 men who will compete next April in Stage Two of the Olympic Trials.

Ultimately, the team of three men who will represent the USA at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 5-21, 2016, will be selected from that field of 16, known as the Olympic Shadow Team.

In the Texas Shootout Saturday, in challenging conditions ranging from gusty winds and torrential rains to temperatures in the high 90s, Schuller finished eighth, with a combined score of 1288 after shooting four rounds of 36 arrows at 70 meters.

Then, in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials phase Sunday and Monday, Schuller won four of 15 head-to-head matches, finishing 11th among the 16 Olympic Shadow Team finalists.

The top-three finishers in the men’s trials were – in order, from first to third – Zach Garrett Jr., Sean McLaughlin and 2012 Olympic silver medalist, Brady Ellison.

Pro Staff member and friend of LAS, Mackenzie Brown of Texas, leads the women’s trials, followed by Ariel Gibilaro and Lanola Pritchard.

At Lancaster Archery Supply, Schuller works in Customer Service, where he answers questions about equipment and shooting, and assists archers in selecting the products they need to be successful.

Schuller also appears in many of the company’s product-review videos, where he focuses primarily on equipment used by Olympic recurve archers.

Lancaster Archery Supply president Rob Kaufhold was ecstatic about Schuller’s qualification, exclaiming that, “Dan has worked very hard to earn this spot on the team again.  He was on the 2012 Olympic Training team of 8 archers and has done a great job of balancing family life, his career at Lancaster Archery and training for this Olympic Trials event.

“Dan epitomizes the passion, drive and commitment to archery that we have here at LAS. Dealers and customers can ask for recommendations knowing that they are getting advice from world-class archery experts.”

Schuller has been shooting Olympic Recurve archery since the age of 6, and spent two years as a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., before earning a degree in business management from Penn State University, and marrying Maureen Elise Schuller.

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