Podcast: George Ryals IV (GRIV)

George Ryals IV – aka “GRIV” – is owner of the Archery Learning Center and Bowhunting ProShop in Snellville, Ga., and he’s also one of the most sought-after archery coaches in the U.S. today. In particular, he is known as the guru of compound archery. Suffice it to say, when GRIV talks, compound archers listen.

Lancaster Archery Supply brings in GRIV once a quarter to lead seminars on compound archery. The weekend sessions always sell out in a matter of hours, because the demand for GRIV’s advice is so desired.

During his most recent visit to LAS, GRIV sat down with LAS podcast host P.J. Reilly to talk about all things archery.

In this podcast, you will learn:

– How the Archery Learning Center’s team of Hornets was formed.

– Where GRIV sees competition archery going in the future.

– The importance of recreational archery for the future of the sport.

– The most common problems he sees in compound archers.

– How and why GRIV keeps competing in top tournaments, even as he’s coaching kids in those same events.

– His hope for compound archery becoming an Olympic event, and the hilarious disclaimer he plans to give to his students about how he would view them if he ever faces one in a head-to-head match to make a U.S. team to compete in the Olympics.

“That cold face that looks like it doesn’t recognize you? That’s just me trying to grind you into dust.”

If you’d like to attend one of GRIV’s seminars at the Lancaster Archery Academy, keep checking the academy’s website to find out when GRIV is coming next.

If you have any questions or comments for Lancaster Archery about this podcast, please email us at [email protected]

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