Podcast: TradTech director John Wert

John Wert is a nearly-lifelong traditional archer and the director of TradTech Archery. He’d rather hunt and target shoot with a stick and string than any other weapon, and is well-known around the country as an expert in setting up traditional bows.

To help mark the 10th anniversary of TradTech – a division of Lancaster Archery Supply – Wert sat down with LAS podcast host P.J. Reilly to discuss the allure of traditional archery.

In this podcast, you will learn:

– How Wert got involved in traditional archery, and how he came to TradTech Archery in 2010.

– What a traditional archery rendezvous is all about.

– What role TradTech archery plays in the world of traditional archery, and what’s new from TradTech in 2017.

– How the YouTube film “The Push” is garnering a lot of attention for traditional archery today.

– That traditional archers march to their own drum, and have their own unique look.

“You can walk around with a dead coyote on your head, a 14-inch Bowie knife, no shoes and no shirt and nobody will give you a second look,” Wert said. “But you wear a shooter jersey…and the music screeches to a halt as soon as you walk in the door.”

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