Lancaster Archery Supply is going global

Lancaster Archery Supply, the worldwide leader in 3D, traditional, bowhunting and target archery gear, is going global.


For more than two decades, Lancaster Archery Supply has served archers and dealers with archery equipment all over the world through our dealers, catalog, LAS Express trailers and website. But to get professional, hands-on service and coaching from our TechXPerts and instructors, archers have had to come to our one Pro Shop and Academy location in Lancaster, Pa.

Located in southeast Pennsylvania, between Philadelphia and the state capital of Harrisburg, Lancaster is America’s oldest inland city and was the nation’s capital on September 27, 1777 during the Revolutionary War after Philadelphia was taken by the Brits.

Two of the most common products needed by pioneers heading west to settle the frontier were manufactured in Lancaster – the Conestoga Wagon and the Pennsylvania long rifle.

Just as his ancestors provided for westward traveling settlers 300 years ago, Rob Kaufhold, founder and president of Lancaster Archery Supply, feels it’s time for the company to expand its physical presence to outfit archers at locations across the globe.

We are now pleased to announce that we will be bringing our expert customer service and coaching to 28 cities around the world, where we plan to open state-of-the-art Pro Shops and academies.

Because the Lancaster Archery Supply brand and logo are so iconic within the archery community – and to avoid the exorbitant cost and time-consuming effort of changing those company features to match different city names – Kaufhold has decided to direct his expansion efforts to every Lancaster in the world. Besides maintaining our brand integrity, opening facilities in these other Lancasters will give us the chance to educate local citizenry about the correct pronunciation of our shared name.

Far too often, we hear people from outside Lancaster, Pa., pronounce the word as “LAN-kas-ter” or “lang-CASS-ter,” when the one true pronunciation is “LANK-ister.”

By April 1, 2019, LAS plans to open the doors of new facilities in the following U.S. locations:

Lancaster, Arizona

Lancaster, California


Lancaster, Illinois

Lancaster, Indiana – We will be at both Lancasters in this state – in Huntington County and Jefferson County

Lancaster, Kansas

Lancaster, Kentucky

Lancaster, Massachusetts

Lancaster, Minnesota

Lancaster, Missouri

Lincoln, Nebraska – It’s currently called Lincoln, but the city was originally named Lancaster when it was picked as the first capitol of Nebraska in 1867.

Lancaster, New Hampshire

Lancaster, New York

Lancaster, Ohio

Lancaster, Oregon

Lancaster, South Carolina

Lancaster, Tennessee

Lancaster, Texas

Lancaster, Virginia

Lancaster, Wisconsin

In Canada, we will have facilities in:

Lancaster, New Brunswick

Lancaster, Newfoundland and Labrador

Lancaster, Ontario


Lancaster Sound, Nunavut

Global expansion plans include the following locations named Lancaster in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Guyana.




“It just makes sense to only expand to cities and locations named Lancaster due to the brand strength and recognition of Lancaster Archery Supply in our industry,” Kaufhold said.  “Our companies expansion into these additional Lancaster locations will bring great economic vitality and growth opportunities for the sport of archery worldwide.”