Lancaster Archery Supply announces partnerships with Rcherz, ArcherzUpshot and

Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc. in Lancaster, Pa., is proud to announce its partnerships with Rcherz, ArcherzUpshot and – three web-based, digital systems aimed at drastically improving an event organizer or archer’s ability to manage and promote scoring in the sport of archery.


Whether it’s digital scoring for tournaments, event management, individual arrow and equipment tracking for training, providing social platforms for archers to share their accomplishments with colleagues and friends or dozens of other features, these three systems are bringing the ancient game of archery into the modern age. And that’s making archery more accessible and more fun to a wider audience.

“Our role as a leader in 3D and target archery gives us the responsibility to identify, assist and support organizations that are bringing new ideas and concepts to the sport,” said Rob Kaufhold, president of Lancaster Archery Supply.

“The addition of digital scoring to archery has increased the excitement for competitors while making it easier for spectators and newcomers to follow along.

“New training apps are informing new archers about the relationship between equipment changes and accuracy, while helping professionals to refine their skills and tune their setups.

“We are thankful to be in a position to assist and support the companies that are using technology to help others discover and experience archery.”

In 2014, Lancaster Archery turned to Rcherz to provide digital scoring for the annual Lancaster Archery Classic, which will be held for the 13th year Jan. 22-24, 2016. This tournament has grown dramatically, with over 1,000 archers expected from all over the world, including many of the top professionals in the game. More than $100,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded.

With the Rcherz scoring system in place, competitors were able to enter their scores after each end, and spectators could track the competition from anywhere in the world in real time.

“The companies that are developing digital scoring and event management software are leveling the playing field between archery and other sports where instant scoring is not only standard, but expected,” Kaufhold said.

Lancaster Archery is currently supporting Rcherz, ArcherzUpshot and as they push the digital boundaries for how archers train, how they socialize with one another, how archery events are run and how tournaments are scored.

“The companies that are designing software solutions for archery are inspiring each other to develop the best tools for the sport,” Kaufhold said. “Archers across the globe are benefiting from these advancements.”

Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc. offers the world’s largest online and in-store selection of 3D, target, bowhunting and traditional archery equipment. The company actively supports tournament archers across the U.S. and hosts the annual Lancaster Archery Classic, an international competition that draws over 1,000 competitive archers to Pennsylvania each year. The Lancaster, Pa., based Pro Shop is also home to the Lancaster Archery Academy ‑ a year-round training facility for beginner, intermediate and competition archers.