Explained: Cutting Arrow Shafts

In this video, John Dudley, host of the Nocked and Ready to Rock series on his Nock On TV show, talks about cutting arrow shafts.

Properly cutting shafts is important both for the archer’s safety and for shooting accuracy. Dudley demonstrates in this video the proper way to safely and accurately cut an arrow shaft. His method provides a clean, perfectly cylindrical cut, which is critical for making sure the cut end of the shaft is level. If it isn’t level, then the point will not be centered properly, and it could affect accuracy.

Dudley also talks about his recommendations for arrow length for bowhunters, who will be shooting arrows tipped with razor-sharp broadheads.

Easton X10 Arrow Shaft

Easton X10 arrow shafts have claimed more Olympic and World Championship titles than any other archery product. Watch Lancaster Archery TechXPert Randy Groff as he talks about what makes the X10 the choice of champions.

Additionally, Groff will tell you how you can custom order X10 shafts from Lancaster Archery Supply to meet your specific needs.