EXPLAINED: Lancaster Archery Classic Bowhunter Division Rules

The Lancaster Archery Classic is just around the corner, scheduled for Jan. 27-29, 2017, at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster County, PA.

More than 1,000 archers from all over the world are expected to show up to compete for over $100,000 in 15 different divisions.

The one division Lancaster Archery Supply gets the most questions about is the Bowhunter Division and its unique equipment rules, since there are several archery organizations with varying restrictions for archers competing in their “Bowhunter” or “Hunter” classes.


For the Lancaster Archery Classic, organizers follow the NFAA rules for Bowhunter equipment restrictions.

Those rules allow archers in the Bowhunter division to use arrows up to 27/64 inches in diameter. Those arrows can have glue-in points or they can have inserts and screw-in points.

Mechanical release aids are allowed.

Only sights with fixed pins can be used, including a sight with a single, adjustable pin. Once scoring begins, Bowhunter division archers are not permitted to adjust their sights or to move a peep sight.


The sight can have a round scope housing, but no magnifying lenses are permitted.

Peep verifier lenses and light kits are allowed.

A stabilizer front bar is allowed if it extends no more than 12 inches out from the back of the riser.


(Remember, the back of the riser is the side that faces away from the archer at full draw. The belly is the side that faces the archer.)

Mounting hardware and weights are included in that 12-inch restriction.

V-bars and side rods are allowed. There is no length restriction on any rear-facing bar.