Lancaster Archery Supply boosts partnership with BowJunky Media for 2017 Tournament Season

Lancaster Archery Supply is increasing their sponsorship of BowJunky Media, a multi-media company that provides year-round coverage of competitive archery. For 2017, LAS will sponsor the digital scoring leaderboard that appears as an overlay during tournament video broadcasts.


Led by well-known industry archers Greg Poole and Dan McCarthy, BowJunky provides coverage of a host of professional 3-D, field and indoor tournaments around the country. The 2016 season was the first for BowJunky with Poole and McCarthy at the helm, and they gained a faithful following on BowJunky’s social media channels with their coverage and broadcasts. That following is sure to continue to grow in 2017.

In their edited videos, BowJunky regularly displays a leaderboard through the progression of a tournament and/or a finals shoot-off, showing which archers are leading the way, and their respective scores. Lancaster Archery Supply’s name and logo will be displayed on top of that digital board throughout the 2017 season’s event coverage.


Lancaster Archery Supply is proud to support BowJunky as they bring competitive archery coverage into the homes and onto the mobile phones of thousands of BowJunky fans. By increasing their sponsorship, Lancaster Archery is helping BowJunky to solidify their position as the premier voice of tournament archery.

Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc., offers the world’s largest online and in-store selection of 3D, target, bowhunting and traditional archery equipment. The company actively supports tournament archers around the world, and hosts the annual Lancaster Archery Classic, an international competition that draws over 1,000 competitive archers to Pennsylvania each year. The Lancaster, Pa., based Pro Shop is also home to the Lancaster Archery Academy – a year-round training facility for beginner, intermediate and competition archers.