Cottonwood Outdoors Spider Shot 3D Tournament Seat

The Spider Shot 3D Tournament Seat from Cottonwood Outdoors is a hot new product introduced in 2016 that’s catching wind as the 3D archery season kicks into high gear.

Avid 3D archers know that there can be a long wait between shots on the tournament course, and so having your own place to sit is key. There aren’t any chairs set up out in the woods by the course hosts.

The Spider Shot chair features a seat pad that sits on top of the frame rails – a unique feature among the 3D stools – which means the rails are less likely to cut off the blood circulation in your legs. Tingling legs is a common problem with other stools.

It’s got backpack straps for easy transport, plus dual arrow tubes, an umbrella holder, a large central pocket for a rain coat or other bulky gear, and plenty of other, smaller pockets to hold tools, cell phones, keys, etc.

The Spider Shot also comes with a detachable, insulated cooler, so no more warm water during those hot summer tournaments.

This is a heavy-duty stool that’s built to take a beating.