Elite Impulse overview

Elite Archery is generating a lot of buzz this year with its “I made the switch” campaign, which encourages archers to switch to an Elite bow from whatever bow they’re currently shooting, and then declare that switch through social media by using the hashtag “Imadetheswitch.” Professional archers Reo Wilde and Cara Kelly are among the biggest names to recently make the declaration.

In this video,┬áLancaster Archery Supply TechXPert P.J. Reilly reviews the Elite Impulse, which is Elite’s flagship bow for 2016.

(You can watch the Elite trailer for the Impulse, here.)

The Impulse comes in two varieties – the Impulse 31 and the Impulse 34. Those two numbers refer to the respective bows’ axle-to-axle lengths, as measured in inches. The 31 is available in draw lengths from 26-30 inches, while the Impulse 34 can handle archers who draw 27-31 inches.

In building the Impulse, Elite strove to craft a bow that’s comfortable to shoot, yet is capable of blazing speed. In this video, Reilly talks about the Impulse’s shootability, and also tests its speed. What he found is a bow that’s smooth to draw, quiet at the shot, and sends arrows down range quickly.

New for Elite bows this year, the Impulse 31 and 34 are available in two Kuiu patterns, which are sure to be popular among Western bowhunters. The bows also are offered in standard camo patterns, as well as seven target colors, plus black.