Top Archery Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and you’re scrambling to find something you know Dad will love. Assuming Dad’s an archer, we’ve got you covered.

Here are nine fool-proof Father’s Day gifts for the top archer in your family.

1. OUTDOOR EDGE LAS KNIFE – Every archer needs a knife. We don’t need to go through the myriad uses here. But this one screams “archery,” with the laser-etched Lancaster Archery Supply logo in the middle of the blade. It’s got a 3.3-inch, stainless steel blade, rubberized handle and a belt clip for easy storage. Check it out here.


2. EASTON 12-PIECE PRO SHOP TOOL KIT – The name of this item says it all. It’s basically a pro shop in a pouch – wrenches, pliers, D-loop material and on and on. Dad’s probably the family bow tech as it is. Now he can have the right tools for the job. Check it out here.


3. SAGE BOW – The Sage bow is the most popular recurve bow on the market today. It’s simple, yet well built; easy to assemble, and versatile, in that there are limbs of varying weights that can be interchanged on a single riser. It’s a dream for the die-hard traditional archer or the backyard enthusiast. Check it out here.


4. QALO CLASSIC BLACK MEN’S RING – Metal wedding bands are a thing of the past for dads who love the outdoors. The Qalo is a silicone ring that can take a beating, but won’t give one back to your finger. Check it out here.


5. QALO MEN’S STEP EDGE RING – Here’s another silicone ring, but this one’s got some flare. It’s got a raised center and it’s camo, so you know Dad will stand out in a crowd with it. Check it out here.


6. VORTEX DIAMONDBACK 10×42 BINOCULARS – Trust us on this – Dad wants a pair of quality hunting optics. The Vortex Diamondback will never let him down as he’s glassing through 10-power binos, with 42mm objectives that will carry plenty of light to his eyes. Waterproof, fogproof and coated with a rubberized armor, these binoculars are built to take a beating. Check them out here.


7. SPIDER SHOT 3D TOURNAMENT SEAT – When the crowds are out, it can take a long time to shoot a 3D course. Dad’s knees and back will be aching for a break. This is the seat he’ll be glad to have with him. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it will hold all his gear, and it’s handy to carry. Check it out here.


8. BIG SHOT 450 X BAG TARGET – Every backyard archer needs something to shoot into. Here’s a big bag that’s built to handle high-power crossbows and compounds. With this target, Dad can shoot anywhere. Check it out here.


9. MOULTRIE A-40i PRO GAME CAMERA – Dad will never miss a buck with this camera set up in his favorite hunting spot. It’s got invisible infrared LEDs, an easy-to-use setup system, and it takes 14MP photos day and night. Check it out here.