Lancaster Archery Classic Barebow Division Explained

After the 2015 tournament, the annual Lancaster Archery Classic now features a Barebow Division for recurve archers who prefer to compete with more traditional equipment.

In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert John Wert explains the equipment allowed for barebow archers in the Classic tournament, which is scheduled for Jan. 21-24, 2016.

(For a complete list of tournament rules, and for registration information, click here.)

It’s important to note that there will be true traditional archers shooting wooden bows and arrows competing in the Classic, along with archers shooting modern, ILF recurves and carbon arrows.

Both setups are legal under the Barebow Division rules, as John Wert explains.

How to optimize your hunting bow for indoor target shooting

One of the sad facts about the fall bowhunting seasons is that they will come to an end. But when they do, you don’t have to hang up your bow. Winter and spring are prime time for indoor target leagues and tournaments.

In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert P.J. Reilly walks through steps you can take to increase your ability to be successful on the target line while using your bowhunting setup.

Most organizations that run indoor competitions have bowhunter divisions, which account for the unique equipment bowhunters tend to use.

Our own Lancaster Archery Classic, held each year in January, has a bowhunter division. The rules that govern our tournament are similar – if not identical – to the rules employed by many leagues and competitions.

(Click here for a full list of rules, as well as registration information.)

Basically, the bowhunter divisions place limitations on equipment. For instance, stabilizers in the Lancaster Archery Classic bowhunter division can be no longer than 12 inches, when measured from the riser. That means any coupling devices and end weights have to be factored into the overall length to stay within the maximum 12 inches.


You can also use one or two side rods of any length, extending backward from the riser.


You must use a fixed pin for a sight. It can have a scope housing around it, but lenses are not allowed.

There’s no reason you can’t shoot your exact hunting setup – you’ll have to trade your broadheads for target points on your arrows, of course – in leagues and tournaments. But there are some simple modifications you can make to optimize your rig for target shooting.

Target archery can be just as much fun as bowhunting. Besides the enjoyment and camaraderie you’re likely to experience with indoor leagues and tournaments, the precision required of target archery will make you a much better shot when hunting season rolls around next year.

Registration is now open for 2016 Lancaster Archery Classic

Registration is now open for the 2016 Lancaster Archery Classic, scheduled for Jan. 21-24, 2016, at the Lanco Fieldhouse, 1901 Miller Road, East Petersburg, Pa.

This tournament has become the biggest archery competition on the East Coast, and it’s expanding for 2016.


Over $145,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded, including a guaranteed payout of $15,000 for the Men’s Open Pro champion.

At nearly 3 times the size of last year’s venue, the T.R.U. Ball/Axcel Complex at Lanco Fieldhouse will easily accommodate 1,300 archers, spectators, vendors and a Shoot-Up Finals Stage, just 10 minutes from Lancaster Archery Supply and most of the area hotels.

New features this year include: $150 drawing for inviting new classic archers; free meals for competitors; $20,000 in door prizes to be drawn during qualification rounds; youth open classes; vertical 3-spot targets; 30-second, timed shoot-up final matches; and an expanded schedule with Thursday/Friday qualification.

The elimination and shoot-up finals will be held Saturday and Sunday.

Free shuttles will be available for practice, visits and tours at the Lancaster Archery Pro Shop and Distribution Center facilities.

Shooting lines are filling up fast, so don’t wait to sign up!

You can register here.


2015 Lancaster Archery Classic Preview

This is a video announcement describing the 2015 Lancaster Archery Classic tournament. The event is scheduled for Jan. 16-18 at the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center.

Archers can compete for over $75,000 in cash and prizes, with a guaranteed payout of $10,000 to the winner of the men’s open pro division.