Mission Crossbows Available Online at LAS

Lancaster Archery Supply is now selling Mission crossbows on its website, www.LancasterArchery.com. In this video, Lancaster Archery TechXPerts Moose and P.J. Reilly run down the models and features of the four Mission crossbow packages we are selling.

We have the MXB 360, which is the fastest of the line at 360 feet per second; the MXB 320, which shoots bolts at 320 feet per second; the MXB Dagger, which is the shortest of the line, and shoots bolts at 340 feet per second; and the MXB Sniper Lite, which is the lightest crossbow in the line at just under 6 pounds.

The Sniper Lite only comes in Tactical Black, while the other three are available in either camouflage or Tactical Black.

Every crossbow package includes a case, three bolts, a cocking rope, quiver and scope. You can choose among four types of scopes for your package.