Watch: The CAMX X330 Crossbow can take a real beating

CAMX Crossbows has released its first crossbow ever in 2017. Company representative Paul Vaicunas touts the CAMX X330 as one of the most durable crossbows on the market.

In these two videos, Vaicunas demonstrates the toughness and capabilities of this crossbow for the LAS team. In the video linked above, Vaicunas runs through the crossbow’s operation.

The bow shoots a bolt 330 feet per second, has spring-loaded finger guards that make it nearly impossible for an archer to raise fingers into the string track, and the arrow retention system keeps a firm grip on the arrow no matter what you do to the crossbow.

The weight of the crossbow is centered, rather than packed out at the bow end, which makes the CAMX X330 easy to aim.

The cams are recessed between metal reinforced limb tips so they can’t be damaged if you drop the crossbow.

CAMX makes its own scope, which is built to rigid specifications that insure the reticles don’t move, even if the crossbow is abused.

You can see some abuse demonstrations in the above video. The LAS team turned up the abuse in the second video, listed below.

Please note – LAS and CAMX put the CAMX X330 through excessive tests for the sole purpose of demonstrating the durability of the bow.

If it can survive these tests, Vaicunas said, then it certainly will not be affected by being dropped out of a tree stand, or falling off the bed of a pickup truck or other normal accidents a hunter might experience.

Do not attempt these tests in any location. Intentional mistreatment or abuse of a bow, crossbow or other sporting equipment could lead to a product malfunction causing injury or death.