Selway Archery quivers and a youth movement in traditional archery

Traditional archery is enjoying an infusion of young blood, according to Drew Kohlhofer of Selway Archery.

“I’m seeing an influx of guys coming in that are in that 20-40 age bracket,” he said.

Kohlhofer shares his observations on the youth movement, and talks about the unique quivers his company makes for traditional archers, with LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly at the 2016 Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous in northcentral Pennsylvania.

This is the largest gathering of traditional archers in the U.S., where people of all ages come to shoot their sticks with strings, camp, eat, share hunting stories and just have a good time in the mountains of Potter County.

LAS sent a video team to the 2016 event to gather information and create content about traditional archery and its passionate fans.

Selway is indicative of the type of company that works in traditional archery. It’s family owned; the owners are avid traditional archers themselves; and the product line emphasizes customization over volume.

Selway produces high-quality leather quivers that attach to recurve bows and longbows. They are handmade and hand stitched, and have that traditional look and feel.

Kohlhofer said he believes the recent influx of younger people in traditional archery is the result of compound archers seeking new and bigger challenges. They’ve accomplished much with their modern archery gear, and now they want to “go back in time” and try to find success as legends like Fred Bear did.