T.R.U. Ball Short-N-Sweet’r Wrist Strap Release

TRU Ball upgraded its popular Short-N-Sweet release for 2018, calling it the Short-N-Sweet’r.

In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly reviews the features and functions of this wrist strap release.

The Short-N-Sweet’r features an open hook, which connects to the D-loop quickly – something bowhunters will favor as a big buck approaches.

The release comes with either a buckle strap or Velcro closure. Both feature the cinch connector, which employs one screw to loosen and tighten the metal plates holding the release strap in place. That allows the archer to set the length of the strap so the release head is in the right place for him or her at full draw.

T.R.U. Ball Bone Collector T-Rex Thumb Button Release

TRU Ball Archery introduced the Bone Collector T-Rex thumb button release for the 2018 season.

In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly reviews the functions and features of this T-handle, thumb button release.

The T-Rex is a four-finger release that’s intended mainly for bowhunters, although it’s built to the same standards as competition releases.

Press the moving jaw to close it and set the trigger, then depress the thumb button to fire the release. It comes with a wrist lanyard and it has a set screw that allows the archer to adjust the trigger sensitivity.

T.R.U. Ball Copperhead TC Wrist Strap Release

TRU Ball revamped and relaunched their popular Copperhead wrist strap release for 2018.

In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly runs through the features and functions of this bowhunting release.

The Copperhead features spring-loaded jaws on a head capable of swiveling 360 degrees. It has a sliding barrel with multiple screw settings, so an archer can set the head length exactly where they want it at full draw.

Perhaps the most notable upgrade to this release is the Tornado Connection. This system, which attaches the release head to the wrist strap, allows the release to be tucked back into a bowhunter’s shirt for the walk and climb into the stand or blind.

T.R.U. Ball HBX Signature Series Release

It’s here, and Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc., has it. TechXPert Justus Leimbach reviews the new, T.R.U. Ball HBX Signature Series release. Pro shooter Reo Wilde helped T.R.U. Ball design this unique release, and the first time he used it in competition in May 2015, he broke his own world record score of a 150 with 10Xs, when he shot a 150 with 12Xs.

What makes this release unique is it can be activated five different ways. Steadily increase pressure with the middle and ring fingers, while also increasing back tension. This is how Reo uses the release.

Next is the transfer tension method, where the archer relaxes the forefinger and wrist, while increasing back tension to allow the release to pivot on the forefinger.

Then there’s the tension-only method, where the archer simply increases pressure evenly, by pulling straight back with all three fingers.

To activate the release by thumb, the archer increases pressure on the thumb peg.

Finally, the release can be triggered by maintaining thumb contact with the thumb peg, while increasing pressure with the ring finger.

Leimbach walks through the various adjustments that can be made to the release by changing springs and removing or adding a clicker function.