XSWings Vanes

Lancaster Archery Supply TechXPert Dan Schuller walks through the applications and advantages of the XSWings vanes. Schuller describes the various vane sizes available, then outlines the situations for using each size. Basically, the farther you shoot and the heavier the draw weight is for your bow, the bigger and stiffer the vanes should be.

Schuller also walks through the process for applying these vanes to an arrow shaft to get the best flight, and talks about their strength and durability.

Lancaster Archery Supply is the exclusive North American importer for XSWings products.

Lancaster Archery Supply Becomes Exclusive Importer of XSWings

Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc., has partnered with XSWings of Slovenia to be the company’s exclusive North American importer.


XSWings makes stick-on vanes that are curved to promote arrow spin, stabilizing target arrows in flight, in either calm or windy conditions. Designed by Sitar & Sitar, their vanes come in different lengths and stiffnesses to meet varying conditions between indoor and outdoor competitions.

XSWings are fast becoming archer favorites on the tournament circuit. Among the list of highly decorated archers that rely on XSWings are two-time U.S. Olympian Brady Ellison, Collin Klimitchek and Zach Garrett, who teamed up to collect silver medals representing the U.S. in the 2015 Pan American Games on July 17, 2015; Italian national champion Tanya Giaccheri; three-time world champion Patrick Huston of United Kingdom; and two-time European champion Rick van der Ven of Holland.

XSWings owner Benjamin Sitar said he is excited to have Lancaster Archery Supply serve as the exclusive importer of his company’s products in North America.

“For my one-man company, it means a lot,” he said. “We will receive a lot of confirmation that we are a trust-worthy company that produces high-quality archery vanes.”

Rob Kaufhold, president of Lancaster Archery Supply, said it’s an honor to help XSWings spread its reach across North America.

“Tournament archery has become an international event with archers traveling frequently to shoot in the U.S. and abroad,” Kaufhold said.

“When archers discover new products at a competition, they turn to Lancaster Archery to purchase those products at home. Our partnership with XSWings is making some of the latest international technology available to our North American customers.”

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