Top Archery Products of 2015

The year 2015 is rapidly coming to a close.

It was a big year in the archery world.

Reo Wilde in May set a new world record in a Matchplay 15-arrow competition, shooting a 150 with 12 X’s, breaking the old record by 2 X’s.

Levi Morgan in August became the first archer ever to achieve the IBO grand slam, by winning all three legs of the IBO Triple Crown, plus the IBO World Championship.

Also in August, Mackenzie Brown, Khatuna Lorig and LaNola Pritchard won the USA’s first women’s team gold medal ever on the World Cup circuit, while competing in a tournament in Poland.

Shooting at the Indoor Archery World Cup in Bangkok, Thailand, in December, Brady Ellison tied the 14-year-old men’s recurve record of 597 in a 600 round.

Coming up in 2016, you can count on archery getting a big boost at the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

But sticking with 2015, we thought it might be interesting to look at the top-selling products for the year in 10 different categories.

Listed here are the top-selling products on Lancaster Archery Supply’s website. Obviously, some products are going to sell better than others through the Internet. Also, special deals, product availability, price points, etc., all affect product movement in the retail world.

But lists such as this one are always open to debate. That’s part of the fun of compiling them.

So here’s our list of top-selling products of 2015.

Top Bow – Samick Sage.


Top Release – T.R.U. Ball HBX Signature Series Release

4530253 - Copy

Top Arrow – Easton XX75 Genesis Arrow


Top Target – Maple Leaf 40cm NFAA 5 Spot Target was the best-seller among the paper targets. Rinehart Apple Target led the way for 3-D, block and bag targets.



Top Stabilizer – W&W Sebastian Flute Axiom Plus Stabilizer


Top Sight – W&W Sebastian Flute Axiom Recurve Sight


Top Rest in the $100-$150 range – AAE Freakshow


Top Quiver – Easton QF50 Field Quiver


Top Bow Case – X-Spot Strung Recurve Case


Top Finger Tab – AAE Elite Finger Tab with Super Leather Face


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