2017 Bear Archery Legend Series 6 (LS-6) Compound Bow

Bear Archery put the pedal to the metal with its flagship hunting bow for 2017 – the Legend Series 6, or LS-6.

In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply TechXpert P.J. Reilly takes a look at the new bow, and many of the features that will be of interest to bowhunters.

This 32 1/4-inch bow is rated to shoot arrows at up to 355 feet per second. Archers can choose between bows with peak draw weights of 60 or 70 pounds.

The bow has a 5-inch brace height and features 70 percent let off. Both are key in helping the bow generate the 355 fps arrow speed.

The LS-6 is a nice-shooting bow from Bear Archery that is worth testing out as you look for a new hunting bow in 2017.