2018 Elite Echelon 37 and Echelon 39

Elite has unveiled its 2018 lineup of target bows, which is headlined by the Echelon series. In this video, LAS TechXpert P.J. Reilly reviews the features of the Echelon 37 and the Echelon 39.

As their names suggest, the Echelon 37 measures 37 inches long, while the Echelon 39 is a 39-inch bow. They feature split limbs and the all-new Echelon cam, which has a smooth draw cycle.

A unique feature of the Echelon cam is it comes with a limb stop, for archers who like a solid, immovable back wall, and three cable stops, for archers who like a little give at full draw. The three cable stops each provide a different degree of let-off, ranging from 70-90 percent.

The Echelon bows also feature dual cages in the riser, and an adjustable cable arm that can be shifted to meet a particular archer’s needs for tuning and fletching clearance.