How to set a peep sight

The peep sight is a commonly-used device among compound bow archers, which helps foster consistent aiming. It does so by forcing the archer to look through the bow sight the same way for each and every shot.

In this video, Lancaster Archery TechXPert P.J. Reilly demonstrates how to set the peep sight for an individual archer. Peep sight alignment varies from person to person, due to differences in face size and anchor points. The proper setting for one archer might not work for another.

Once the peep has been installed by pressing the bow and evenly separating the strands of the bowstring to accept the peep, setting it in the proper place for an individual archer is something that’s best done by two people.

Using a safe-draw tool – an imitation release that has no trigger – the archer should draw the bow and get into his or her comfortable anchor point. The archer then can direct the helper to move the peep up or down the string, until the archer can perfectly see the bow sight through the peep.