Lancaster Archery Supply checks out Hoyt’s 2016 bow lineup

The 2016 Hoyt bows are expected to arrive very soon to the Lancaster Archery Supply Pro Shop. In advance of their arrival, our TechXPerts got the chance to hold them, shoot them, study them and ask Hoyt sales rep Tonny Tazza questions about them.

In this video, Tazza describes the design, features and functionality of the Hoyt PowerMax, HyperEdge, Defiant and Carbon Defiant bows. The PowerMax is Hoyt’s mid-range bow to replace the popular Charger. It’s a 31-inch bow with a speed rating up to 328 feet per second, and a price that’s family-friendly.

The HyperEdge is Hoyt’s new offering for target archers, replacing the Pro Edge. It’s a 36-inch bow with new limbs and cams and a new roller guard. Tazza says this bow is likely to be popular on the 3-D circuit.

The Defiant line consists of 30- and 34-inch bows with aluminum risers, plus a 33-inch turbo version. And there are the 30- and 34-inch Carbon Defiants, plus a 33-inch turbo model with a carbon riser. All of the Defiant bows feature the new DFX cam and UltraFlex limbs, which combine to make the bows function like they are longer than they really are. That makes them more forgiving to the archer.