Mathews 2017 Halon X Comp and TRX 7 target bows

On the heels of its wildly successful line of 2016 bows, Mathews has kicked off its 2017 campaign by releasing three new target bows – Halon X Comp, TRX 7 and TRX 8.

In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply TechXpert P.J. Reilly runs through the features and functions of the Halon X Comp and the TRX 7. The Halon X Comp is built very similar to the 2016 Halon X, although the Comp measures 37 inches axle to axle, while the X is a 35-inch bow.

The Halon X Comp features 75-percent let-off in its Mini-Crosscentric cam, which provides a little more holding weight at full draw for target archers. (Target archers using hinge and thumb-button releases often like more holding weight at full draw when they are on the competition line.) It’s available in draw lengths from 26-32 inches, with versions available in half-inch increments. The IBO speed rating is 330 fps.

The TRX 7 is a 40-inch bow featuring the same cam as the Halon X, although the let-off is 70 percent for the TRX. The “7” refers to the brace height of 7 inches, meaning the TRX 8 is the same bow, but with an 8-inch brace height.

The TRX bows are available in draw lengths in half-inch increments from 24-31 inches. The IBO speed rating for the TRX 7 is 332 fps, while the TRX 8 is rated to 322 fps.