Mathews 2018 TRX 38

A year after Mathews unveiled the TRX-7 and TRX-8 target bows, they’ve come out with the TRX 38 for 2018.

As its name suggests, the TRX 38 is a 38-inch-long bow, down from the 40-inch TRX bows released in 2017. Mathews believes the 38-inch length will fit more shooters, some of whom balked at the 40-inch bow.

The TRX 38 features a 7.5-inch brace height, and it comes in maximum draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds. The IBO speed rating is 328 feet per second.

The cam is the same mini crosscentric cam employed by the TRX, and it is mod based for draw lengths, which are available in half-inch increments from 23-30 inches. Archers can choose between the standard 80-percent let-off mod and the new, “70-Valley mod.”

The new mod features 70 percent let-off, and it has just a little deeper valley than normal, so the bow doesn’t feel like it wants to lurch forward when you come to anchor at full draw.

Overall, the TRX 38 is a very nice shooting bow with virtually no recoil. It’s sure to be as successful on the competition line as its predecessor.