PSE 2018 Xpedite and React Compound Bows

PSE unveiled the 2018 lineup of compound hunting bows in October, 2017, and we checked out two of them.

In this video, P.J. Reilly looks at the Xpedite and React compound bows. The Xpedite is a flagship hunting bow, featuring a 5.25-inch brace height and an IBO speed rating of up to 360 fps. It’s a 33-inch bow with an adjustable draw length range of 24.5-30 inches, in half-inch increments.

Powering the Xpedite is the super-smooth Evolve cam PSE introduced in 2016. It’s a big came that draws easy, but does not create problems with cam lean.

The React is a mid-range bow that’s still powered by the Evolve cam. So you get PSE’s top-of-the-line cam in a price-friendly bow.

With a 7-inch brace height, this bow has a top IBO speed rating of 330 fps.